Easy To Make Baby Shower Invitations

Easy To Make Baby Shower Invitations

easy to make baby shower invitations with wax seal and ribbon.  Hand made baby shower invitations
If you're planning a baby shower, why not add an extra special touch and make personalised invitations using all natural products?  Here's an idea I put together.  It's super easy and really effective.  

Here's a list of what I used (scroll down for instructions):

wax stamp for baby shower invitations, baby cards and birth announcements.  Make wax seals.  Baby feet wax stamp        1 x Baby Feet Wax Stamp
wax beads for making wax stamps and seals.  Light pink pearlised wax.  Pink wax seals.  Sealing wax supplies UK        4 x Soft Pink Wax Beads
silk ribbon in white.  Fine silk ribbon with closed edge        15cm x Silk Closed Edge Ribbon in white
a5 hand made card.   recycled handmade cotton rag paper card in white        1 x A5 Cotton Rag Card in White
handmade cotton rag paper in white.  Recycled hand made paper with deckle edge        1 x A5 Cotton Rag Paper in White
And here's how I made it:

(You'll also need some double sided tape and a hole punch or very sharp knife)
  • First I folded the A5 card in half
  • Second, I laid out my wording in a word file.  I set the layout so that the front panel wording was on the left half of the handmade paper and the inside invitation wording on the right half of the paper.  Once I was happy, I printed the wording onto the sheet of A5 handmade paper.
  • Now I used a ruler as a guide to tear the printed handmade paper so that I had a panel for the front and a separate panel for the inside.  To do this, I lightly marked where the cuts needed to be.  I then held the ruler firmly against the cut line and used my fingers to tear the paper along the line of the ruler.  As I was doing this, I tried to keep the tear fairly uneven so that it matched the deckle edges.
  • Next I used double sided tape to stick the front panel onto the front of the folded card.  After doing this, I opened up the card and used the double sided tape to stick the invitation wording to the inside.
  • Now for the fun bit ........  I melted the wax using a melting spoon.  Once the wax was melted, I poured it directly onto the front panel of the invitation and pressed the wax stamp into place.  I left it until the wax had cooled and then pulled it away to reveal a cute wax seal.
  • And finally, I used a hole punch to make a small hole at the top left of the card.  I made sure that the hole was only on the front cover.  I folded the ribbon in half and pushed the centre fold of the ribbon through the hole from back to front.  I opened up the loop of the ribbon and threaded the loose ends through, pulling until it sat neatly.  I then used a scissors to trim the excess ribbon.

And thats it.  It's super easy.  

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