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Blank Solid Brass Wax Stamps

Blank Solid Brass Wax Stamps

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Choose a selection of stamps from our entire range to save up to 20%.  Just add your choices to the basket and the discount will be applied.

Create beautiful wax seals with your choice of Wax Stamp and Sealing Wax.
A perfect way to add style and charm to your designs.

1″ diameter with a wooden handle. 

Blank Solid Brass Wax Stamps
If like me you love wax seals, these beautiful solid brass stamps are the perfect addition to your collection.
They feel amazing to hold and are really easy to use.
These stamps are perfect to use with dried flowers or to create decorative wax stamps.

A perfect way to add style and charm to your DIY stationery


Available in the following sizes:
LARGE - 2.5cm diameter x  6cm length
SMALL - 1.5cm diameter x 6cm length

Easy to use in conjunction with our sealing wax.  Visit our blog for help and advice. 



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wax furnace and spoon for making wax seals.  Rosewood and Rose Gold colour wax melting furnace and pouring spoon.  Tealight burner and spoon

The Perfect Compliment

Our beautiful wax furnace and spoon is the perfect companion for our sealing wax beads.
- Light a tealight
- Place the furnace over the lit tealight
- Rest the spoon in the central well
- Pop your wax beads into the spoon
- Once your wax has melted, pour onto your chosen surface and press your stamp into the centre.

If you're using wax beads, we cant recommend this enough!

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