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Fleur Lustre in Jade Green and Gold

Fleur Lustre in Jade Green and Gold

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Fleur Lustre in Jade Green and Gold 

A beautiful recycled cotton paper covered in a metallic gold floral pattern.
A perfect paper to add style, glamour and personality to your designs.

Jade Green and Gold.

Price shown per A4 sheet.

Approx A4 size. Each sheet may slightly vary due to the recycled fibres used in the production of the paper.

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wax furnace and spoon for making wax seals.  Rosewood and Rose Gold colour wax melting furnace and pouring spoon.  Tealight burner and spoon

The Perfect Compliment

Our beautiful wax furnace and spoon is the perfect companion for our sealing wax beads.
- Light a tealight
- Place the furnace over the lit tealight
- Rest the spoon in the central well
- Pop your wax beads into the spoon
- Once your wax has melted, pour onto your chosen surface and press your stamp into the centre.

If you're using wax beads, we cant recommend this enough!

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