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Vintage Brass Sealing Wax Stick with Wick

Vintage Brass Sealing Wax Stick with Wick

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Our range of sealing wax sticks with wicks are perfect for occasional use.

Simply light the wick with a match or lighter.  Hold the stick a few cm's away from your paper.  Watch as the wax melts and drips onto your surface ready for you to create a wax seal.
The benefit of choosing this kind of wax stick is that you won't need any additional tools or equipment; making them a perfect low cost option for occasional or one-off use.

Vintage Brass

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wax furnace and spoon for making wax seals.  Rosewood and Rose Gold colour wax melting furnace and pouring spoon.  Tealight burner and spoon

The Perfect Compliment

Our beautiful wax furnace and spoon is the perfect companion for our sealing wax beads.
- Light a tealight
- Place the furnace over the lit tealight
- Rest the spoon in the central well
- Pop your wax beads into the spoon
- Once your wax has melted, pour onto your chosen surface and press your stamp into the centre.

If you're using wax beads, we cant recommend this enough!

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