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Wax Seal Gun

Wax Seal Gun

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If you need to make a large number of wax seals. this is the perfect tool for you.  

Our wax gun fits our wax sticks perfectly (11mm diameter).    It's perfect for quick production.

The gun can be set at a low temperature making it perfect for use with sealing wax and stamps.


How To Use:
- Set to a low temperature.

- Add the wax to the gun.  To allow the wax to feed through the gun easily, you will need to add a second wax stick to the barrel of the gun.

- Allow the gun to heat up (apps 3-4 minutes).  When the wax is sufficiently warmed, you should be able to press the trigger easily and the wax will flow out without much pressure.  If you find the wax is not coming our of the gun easily, turn up the temperature and wait a few more minutes.  However, if the wax is bubbling as it leaves the gun, it's an indication that the temperature is too high.  Just turn the thermostat down and wait a few minutes for it to soon

- Use the trigger to squeeze the wax onto the desired location.  Press the stamp onto the hot wax and allow it to dry for a few moment.  The stamp should be easy to remove when the wax is set.

These guns are AWESOME for mass production of stamps.  BUT if you are changing wax colours often, please bear in mind that it takes a while for the colour to clear out of the gun.  So you can expect to waste 1 wax stick each time you change wax colours.
– If you are changing wax colours often, you might want to consider a wax furnace and spoon as an alternative.

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Gold leaf flakes for adding to wax seals and stamps.  Small flakes of gold leaf.  Wax seal supplies.

Add a Personal Touch

Wax seals are such a beautiful way to add a personal touch to your designs.
Why not customise your choice by adding some gold or silver leaf?

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