The Natural Paper Company has been a complete labour of love.  It was the brain child of Leah Lewis who carried us along on her journey and made us all fall in love with stationery.

So we asked Leah to tell you about The Natural Paper Company.  Here's what she said .....

...... Since I was a little girl, I've always loved stationery.  I remember spending all my pocket money on pretty paper and erasers.  
After having my third child, I was unable to return to work and decided to set up my own business.  I knew I wanted it to be something I loved.  I ended up setting up one of the first handmade wedding stationery companies in the UK.  Within a short while of setting up, we won an award for the UK's best wedding stationery.  The business just exploded from there.

After a number of years, we saw an opportunity to change the course of the business and set up a company supplying stationery items for brides to make their own wedding stationery.  This very quickly became a success.

Over the years, my love of stationery has simmered away in my heart.  But as the world developed an environmental conscience, I began to realise that I wanted to run a business that showed a love and respect for our beautiful planet.  
After hours and hours, days and days, months and months of research, I was able to find a range of products that I feel strongly about.  Wherever possible, all the products I've sourced are either Handmade, Recycled, Natural or Reusable.  
We've minimised our use of plastics and tried to focused on natural materials.

All the products I've sourced and things that I love.  Things that I've enjoyed using and things that I want to share.

I'd love you to join me on my journey.