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Large Wax Melting Spoon in Copper

Large Wax Melting Spoon in Copper

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The perfect tool to accompany your wax seals.  Just pop the wax into the bowl and hold over a tea light or candle to melt.  The spoon has a moulded spout to allow you to easily pour out the melted wax.

The larger size bowl is perfect for melting enough wax to make 2-3 wax seals at a time.
Strong and durable.  Copper bowl with rose wood handle.


11.5cm long 

3cm circumference

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Gold leaf flakes for adding to wax seals and stamps.  Small flakes of gold leaf.  Wax seal supplies.

Add a Personal Touch

Wax seals are such a beautiful way to add a personal touch to your designs.
Why not customise your choice by adding some gold or silver leaf?

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