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Wooden Wax Melting Furnace and Spoon

Wooden Wax Melting Furnace and Spoon

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The wooden furnace and matching spoon are perfect to give you a hands-free option for melting your sealing wax. 

The furnace is made from a beautiful Rosewood with Brass fixings (in a Rose Gold coating for an extra bit of glam).  The matching spoon is sturdy and robust.  This is a little tool kit that will last you for years to come.

Each spoon can hold enough wax for 2-3 wax seals.

Kit includes Furnace and Spoon


How To Use:

- Light a tea light and pop the furnace on top making sure the flame is aligned with the hole in the centre.  

- Rest the bowl of your spoon in the centre of the furnace (above the hole).  Fill the spoon with wax (beads work perfectly or you can cut up wax sticks).  Let the flame do it’s job while you carry on with your creative project, giving it a quick stir occasionally (the clean end of a matchstick works perfectly for this)

- Once the wax is melted, pour a circle of wax onto your desired surface.  Press the stamp onto the hot wax and allow it to dry for a few moment.  The stamp should be easy to remove when the wax is set.


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Why not customise your choice by adding some gold or silver leaf?

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